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Judy Schwiebert supports the largest tax increase in Arizona history – over one billion dollars in taxes on small business owners.

Record Inflation, Increased Energy Costs, Impending Recession:

Biden’s tax-and-spend policies and war on conventional energies have increased inflation to a 40 year high and caused gas prices to over double since taking office. Arizonans have been hit the hardest. Arizona leads the country in the highest rate of inflation.

Judy Schwiebert’s answer?  Double-down on these same terrible policies and increase YOUR taxes.

Phoenix Inflation Rate Ranks Highest In The Nation

Inflation Has Arizona Schools Scrambling To Afford Student Meals

Border Crisis, Increased Crime & Lawlessness:

Biden has created a border surge that allows cartel and human traffickers unrestricted access which is increasing violent crimes and a drug crisis in Arizona.

Judy Schwiebert supports open borders and pledged to defund the police, policies that have already led to an increase of crime in Arizona’s cities, towns, and neighborhoods.


Indoctrination of Our Children & Taking Away Parental Rights:

Biden has pushed radical indoctrination in the classroom, politicized curriculum, and thwarted parental rights.

Judy Schwiebert supports requiring radical gender ideology be taught to Arizona students and opposes the rights of parents to access other school choice options.  Judy Schwiebert even voted against a bill to protect girl’s sports!

Judy Schwiebert even voted against a bill that prohibits pornographic material being taught or used in classrooms for children: HB 2495


Judy Schwiebert is bad for our economy and WRONG for Arizona!

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